Sick Relationship

Past Our Prime


I am in a sick, one sided relationship.

In my hometown (more than a few years ago) the home was the male’s castle and the female was his subordinate.  My three sisters and I vowed we would never repeat this pattern.  Being the first to leave the area and strike on my own I was even more unlikely to be “controlled” by a male….and I wasn’t until 8 years ago.

I am still not sure exactly how it happened, he was just so damn charming…and it felt like he needed me.  Oh he didn’t act like he needed anyone; he seemed to be completely happy with his current status.  But he toyed with me, acting very happy to be with me. I fell head over heels in love….and honestly that hasn’t changed even though I’m not sure why it hasn’t.

Everything is all about him.  If his dinner isn’t ready…

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Where Is The Love

Archu's Scribbles


Where is the Love

That takes my breath away

That feels like heaven

That makes us complete


Where is the Love

That fills my heart

Takes all sorrows away

That makes me happy always


Where is the Love

That makes all flowers bloom

 That  makes all the music beautiful

That makes all the words meaningful


Where is the Love

That conquers everything

That stands by everything

 That brings forth everything

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Google Project Glass: Contact Lenses a ‘Long-Term Thing’


Google’s “Project Glass” augmented reality glasses seem pretty cool, but man, do they look dorky. Fortunately, Google seems interested in putting the technology into contact lenses in the distant future.

“I mean, that’s definitely a long-term thing,” Project Glass product lead Steve Lee said in an interview with Fast Company. “At this point, it seems like a natural evolution.”

Of course, Lee also defended the glasses in their current state. He said to think of it like jewelry — something people are proud of wearing. “In that case, you wouldn’t want it to be invisible — you want to show it off, like, ‘Hey! I’m part of the future.'”

Google announced Project Glass in early April, with a concept video that shows the user making video calls, scheduling appointments, getting directions and snapping photos. Not all the features in the video will show up in the finished…

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Dusk to Dawn: Timelapse Photography.

the unbearable lightness of being me.

dusk to dawn a video by great greths on Flickr.

My first attempt of Timelapse Photography. Shot around 5pm to 6am the next day, consisting of more than 1,000 frames.

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holiday friday.

hong-an tran

On the Friday before Memorial Day, J met me at Co (where else?), where I had started my holiday weekend with a glass of the usual while reading the NYRB.  (I live in Middle Brooklyn.  SO SUE ME.)  We walked down along the Hudson for a while, taking a break on a bench to watch the passersby; everyone was soaking in the sun (including the geese!), all very gleeful, all very lazy.  We cut into town via Charles Street for a while, then onto 10th street, through Tompkins Square Park, and finally to our destination, several hours later:  Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter, for their fried chicken.  Goodness me, it was pretty amazing stuff.  A most excellent way to satiate ourselves after the long walk.

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New ‘Youface’ Social Network Might Remind You of Something


How do you create a social network to compete with Facebook? Easy, just make a crude clone of it and call it Youface. That’s what Ayub Abdulloh did in Uzbekistan.

According to Radio Free Europe, he didn’t seem too bothered by the similarities:

… Ayub Abdulloh in an Internet chat with RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service, admits that at “first glance” his new website may look like the world’s biggest social-networking site, but this is just to help it gather new members, and as his site gets more users, “this will be changed.”

Are you paying attention start-ups? All you have to do is reel them in with a familiar interface, then change everything when you get a big enough user base.

Abdulloh, 22, launched the site in May and says it’s “intended to ‘develop the patriotic spirit in our youth.'” No word on whether he was inspired by Jack Donaghy…

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The anti-Power Point Presentation

not a diabetic

On May 7th I gave my first talk on mindfulness and health, Navigating the Twinkie Moment: How to Change Your Relationship to Food & Eating, at the Greenfield YMCA, MA. I practiced speaking in front of a mirror and diligently wrote notes on index cards–but as soon as I stood up to speak I went blank. Instead of reading my notes, I just began speaking, a little blithery at first, but I knew the material and soon began covering the points I wanted to make. But the notes remained untouched–once I veered from the outline and spoke extemporaneously they were useless.

May 22. My second talk at the Y (on gluten) and a second chance to get organized. I thought Power Point would be the magic “bullet” 🙂 to improve this presentation. I thought, “everyone does Power Point, I should learn how to do Power Point,” so I…

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