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Cavalcade of Awesome

Time Travelogues

New League assignment this week.  We apparently were off last week, but Brian has thrown a very good subject for this week.  He wants us to create a list of 10 favorite movies.  We can pick the category.  There are so many ways to slice-and-dice a list of 10 movies.  It took me a while to really think about it but I think I came up with an appropriate angle for me.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m an aficionado of time travel in pop culture.  Some say I would be an “Internet authority” on said topic (I won’t argue that). I see the movies and TV shows, I read the books.  I study it.  I enjoy it.  Check out the numerous time travel articles I’ve written on this blog as well as Episode 3 of the Nerd Lunch podcast in which we discussed time…

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Fang Bang!!

Lately we are being bombarded with TV series/movies based on vampire/werewolf theme. I wonder what is so attractive about these pseudo-humans or these stories? Is it their pale look? or their powers? or beefed-up physique? or is it that we as a race have become so tolerant to blood bath, crimes etc. that all these seem so normal. We enjoy when there are action sequences where lot of blood is shed or else even for love making scenes involve hurting the partner to feel ecstatic?? I wonder what we as humans feel while seeing such scenes.

On the other hand may be it is the thought of having an eternal love which would never fade (they say vampires love someone for life [well, the mortal’s life not his own 😉 …] ). Or it could be the deep desire of every human to be immortal. I understand that a love story works only when there are obstacles, gone are the days when obstacles were the society status and caste and other social issues…. we have moved on from that and we need something more fictional. Maybe the impossible/unthinkable love unions attract us.

I wish to think the reason is later one  than former, however I am sure the ratio would be equal for people liking each reason equally. The romance and chemistry is more attractive for me in such stories, wish most people feel the same.

Love shall conquer the world.

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Where Is The Love

Archu's Scribbles


Where is the Love

That takes my breath away

That feels like heaven

That makes us complete


Where is the Love

That fills my heart

Takes all sorrows away

That makes me happy always


Where is the Love

That makes all flowers bloom

 That  makes all the music beautiful

That makes all the words meaningful


Where is the Love

That conquers everything

That stands by everything

 That brings forth everything

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holiday friday.

hong-an tran

On the Friday before Memorial Day, J met me at Co (where else?), where I had started my holiday weekend with a glass of the usual while reading the NYRB.  (I live in Middle Brooklyn.  SO SUE ME.)  We walked down along the Hudson for a while, taking a break on a bench to watch the passersby; everyone was soaking in the sun (including the geese!), all very gleeful, all very lazy.  We cut into town via Charles Street for a while, then onto 10th street, through Tompkins Square Park, and finally to our destination, several hours later:  Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter, for their fried chicken.  Goodness me, it was pretty amazing stuff.  A most excellent way to satiate ourselves after the long walk.

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New ‘Youface’ Social Network Might Remind You of Something

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The anti-Power Point Presentation

not a diabetic

On May 7th I gave my first talk on mindfulness and health, Navigating the Twinkie Moment: How to Change Your Relationship to Food & Eating, at the Greenfield YMCA, MA. I practiced speaking in front of a mirror and diligently wrote notes on index cards–but as soon as I stood up to speak I went blank. Instead of reading my notes, I just began speaking, a little blithery at first, but I knew the material and soon began covering the points I wanted to make. But the notes remained untouched–once I veered from the outline and spoke extemporaneously they were useless.

May 22. My second talk at the Y (on gluten) and a second chance to get organized. I thought Power Point would be the magic “bullet” 🙂 to improve this presentation. I thought, “everyone does Power Point, I should learn how to do Power Point,” so I…

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Rabdare si detalii


Munca Lisei Nilsson e de necrezut. Ea combina diverse bucatele de hartie in aceste sectiuni anatomice. Ce o modalitate de a combina arta si stiinta! Ce rabdare si detalii!

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Kabhi Yeh toh Kabhi Woh ???

Kabhi Yeh Kabhi Woh

 A friend of mine says that there are two type of people in this world,   type one is “Horny” and type two “Always Horny”… Most of us are  secretly type two but would bind ourselves to the so called rules of  society and culture etc. and suppress the very core behavior to be “always horny”…

By nature humans (gender no bar) are polygamous, however the society forces us to be monogamous and to commit to one person for life. But can human be really monogamous?? I am sure every single person would have cheated at least once in their life. Well my view is, it is more important to be truthful than be monogamous. A relationship should be open, both partners should know that they can’t have the other for life and only for themselves. Ever imagined if you had to eat only burger for rest of your life? I am sure few initial days would be great but at some point you would get bored of it, and would start looking out for other options. In our country SEX itself is such a big topic leave polygamy/monogamy alone. First our society has to come to terms with the fact that SEX is a natural activity that every human wants to get involved in, be it a teenager or a senior citizen. By nature every animal’s basic motive or aim of life is to reproduce.

Humans are emotional beings and all moral values come into picture etc. however if we separate sex from emotions it would be easier to understand the concept. One can be emotionally attached to someone and he/she may sleep with someone else it should be acceptable and considered normal. Sex is purely physical and even if you have feelings for the person you sleep with you may express about it, however should not expect him/her to feel the same way.

Just be open.

No more hiding …
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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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