Kabhi Yeh toh Kabhi Woh ???

29 May

Kabhi Yeh Kabhi Woh

 A friend of mine says that there are two type of people in this world,   type one is “Horny” and type two “Always Horny”… Most of us are  secretly type two but would bind ourselves to the so called rules of  society and culture etc. and suppress the very core behavior to be “always horny”…

By nature humans (gender no bar) are polygamous, however the society forces us to be monogamous and to commit to one person for life. But can human be really monogamous?? I am sure every single person would have cheated at least once in their life. Well my view is, it is more important to be truthful than be monogamous. A relationship should be open, both partners should know that they can’t have the other for life and only for themselves. Ever imagined if you had to eat only burger for rest of your life? I am sure few initial days would be great but at some point you would get bored of it, and would start looking out for other options. In our country SEX itself is such a big topic leave polygamy/monogamy alone. First our society has to come to terms with the fact that SEX is a natural activity that every human wants to get involved in, be it a teenager or a senior citizen. By nature every animal’s basic motive or aim of life is to reproduce.

Humans are emotional beings and all moral values come into picture etc. however if we separate sex from emotions it would be easier to understand the concept. One can be emotionally attached to someone and he/she may sleep with someone else it should be acceptable and considered normal. Sex is purely physical and even if you have feelings for the person you sleep with you may express about it, however should not expect him/her to feel the same way.

Just be open.

No more hiding …
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