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New League assignment this week.  We apparently were off last week, but Brian has thrown a very good subject for this week.  He wants us to create a list of 10 favorite movies.  We can pick the category.  There are so many ways to slice-and-dice a list of 10 movies.  It took me a while to really think about it but I think I came up with an appropriate angle for me.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m an aficionado of time travel in pop culture.  Some say I would be an “Internet authority” on said topic (I won’t argue that). I see the movies and TV shows, I read the books.  I study it.  I enjoy it.  Check out the numerous time travel articles I’ve written on this blog as well as Episode 3 of the Nerd Lunch podcast in which we discussed time…

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Fang Bang!!

Lately we are being bombarded with TV series/movies based on vampire/werewolf theme. I wonder what is so attractive about these pseudo-humans or these stories? Is it their pale look? or their powers? or beefed-up physique? or is it that we as a race have become so tolerant to blood bath, crimes etc. that all these seem so normal. We enjoy when there are action sequences where lot of blood is shed or else even for love making scenes involve hurting the partner to feel ecstatic?? I wonder what we as humans feel while seeing such scenes.

On the other hand may be it is the thought of having an eternal love which would never fade (they say vampires love someone for life [well, the mortal’s life not his own 😉 …] ). Or it could be the deep desire of every human to be immortal. I understand that a love story works only when there are obstacles, gone are the days when obstacles were the society status and caste and other social issues…. we have moved on from that and we need something more fictional. Maybe the impossible/unthinkable love unions attract us.

I wish to think the reason is later one  than former, however I am sure the ratio would be equal for people liking each reason equally. The romance and chemistry is more attractive for me in such stories, wish most people feel the same.

Love shall conquer the world.

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How Mobile Technology is Changing Travel

Automation for the People


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20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

MV.Tech.Blog Notes


From the comments — one reason not to use it — None of your friends are using it. If you just want to network with random strangers or create new connections then go, switch to Google+. I like the features and it’s not hard to make new friends in Google+ anyway.

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Sal Khan: Revolutionizing web education

Schools of Thought

Khan Academy founder Sal Kahn previews his All Things Digital appearance and talks about the success of his site.

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CoolVibe – Digital Art, Wallpapers, Inspiration

CoolVibe – Digital Art, Wallpapers, Inspiration.

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jodhpur- a blue city

We apologize for the very long break we have taken from blogging. We were both on mini-vacations- Maggie in Maryland, Utts in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Three years ago (WOW) Serena came to visit me in India. We took trains everywhere, lived in cheap hotels or homes of friends, drank litres and litres of fresh lime soda; Serena learned how to deal with pushy shop vendors and we got home tanned and in need of a serious scrub. The route of that trip was Bombay-Delhi-Agra-Delhi-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-quick trip to the rat temple in Bikaner-Bombay. The trip was so wonderful that I’d do the exact same trip three times over.

So when my sister’s friend came to visit, I was more than happy to go back to Jodhpur and the most beautiful fort I’ve ever seen. The Mehrangahr Fort, from which you can see the famous blue homes of Jodhpur, is a triumph…

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